How I used my Jibun Techo in 2017

Jibun Techo mini

I used a Jibun Techo on and off throughout 2017 and have ordered a new one for 2018. I tried a variety of ways of using the Jibun, until finally settling on one I like a lot. Here's a quick look at some of the ways I've used my Jibun throughout the year.

I started the year with an A5 Slim Jibun. I used it as an ordinary planner to start with.

Jibun Techo A5 slim

Planning my month in Jibun Techo A5 slim

I initially used the daily columns to write my to-do list, but I didn't like this approach much.

Planning my week in Jibun Techo A5 slim

Next I tried using the Jibun's timeline in each daily column to plan how I'd spend my time. Lots of people seem to use the Jibun to either plan or log how they spend their time, but again, this didn't work for me.

Time planning in Jibun Techo A5 slim

I really found my groove with my first Jibun when I started using it as a planner and journal. I would initially use it to plan for events, appointments, and day-specific tasks, which left lots of white space per day. At the end of the day I'd fill up the white space with notes about what happened, stickers, washi tape, etc.

Journalling in Jibun Techo A5 slim

Journalling in Jibun Techo A5 slim

Mid-way through the year I took a break from the Jibun. It didn't take me long to decide I missed it, but I was using smaller and smaller formats for journalling and planning, so I bought a Jibun Techo mini (B6 slim) to try.

Jibun Mini

It took me until late in September to really enjoy using the mini Jibun, but when I did, I used a similar format to what I'd ended up with in the A5 slim: planning tasks and events, and later filling the gaps with journalling.

Jibun Techo mini planner

Weekly journal in Jibun Techo mini

Over the past couple of months I've added more logging to the Jibun, which is part of what made me decide to stick with it in 2018. When you buy a new Jibun Techo, it says on the front of the packaging "Log your life". Since that's essentially what I'm doing now, the Jibun seems like a perfect fit.

So my current approach to the Jibun (I'm using a mini again for 2018) works like this:

Planning at the start of the week:

  • Events and appointments
  • Day-specific tasks
  • Meals for the week
  • Day-specific TV shows

Planning in Jibun Techo Mini

Logging at the end of each day:

  • Any changes to meals
  • TV and movies watched that weren't planned
  • Weight once or twice a week
  • Workouts

No doubt this will change over the course of 2018, but I've been using this approach for the past few weeks and really enjoying being able to plan ahead and log what happens after the fact.

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