Weeknotes: Jan. 23, 2022

This week I've been doing a lot of fiddly work, as we've had some other stuff going on around the house. This kind of work is easier to pick and put down when reacting to what's happening during the day, as it doesn't require as much focus as regular work. And it's stuff that I wanted to get done to improve my setup and process for proper development work.

Here's an overview:

  • Learned how to create git aliases in my .gitconfig file
  • Learned how to create fish aliases and abbreviations and set up a couple to speed up my work with git
  • Installed Hyper and started trying it out as my terminal
  • Installed Starship and spent a lot of time tweaking my prompt so it would show me if my git repo is dirty, as well as showing the last commit message and the last tag for the git repo (this will seem like overkill to most people, but I'm hoping it will help me keep on top of where I am and what I'm doing more easily)
  • Set up a git prepare-commit-msg hook to prepend my git messages with the name of the current branch
  • Learned a bunch of keyboard shortcuts for nano to make me more productive, since I use nano a lot
  • Learned a bit about Ruby as I worked on editing my Fastlane Fastfile more heavily
  • Set up Fastlane to pull the latest version number from my last git tags across both my release and beta branches before incrementing, to help with the trouble I have in managing version number bumps across branches (e.g. for hotfixes on my release branch while features in beta aren't ready to be merged and released yet)
  • Set up an interactive checklist in fastlane to walk me through all the manual testing I need to do of my app before sending out new builds

I've also been doing some web work recently, to help me learn Python and get more familiar with web development. I didn't do a heap of web stuff this week, but lately I've been working with FastAPI and SQLModel to recreate my personal site in Python.

And some final, unrelated updates:

  • ๐Ÿ“ท Shared some new wallpapers on Instagram
  • ๐ŸŽ“ Started my summer class at Melbourne Uniโ€”it's Foundations of Computing, essentially an intro to programming via Python, which is required for my degree but should be a breeze ๐Ÿคž