Weeknotes: Feb. 20, 22

Less active this week! Daily average active minutes 62 down by 9 from last week average 71

Worked out less this week. 6 workouts, down from 7 last week

Listened to less music this week. 142 tracks played, down from 264 last week

Cooler this week. 26º average max. temp this week, down from 27º last week

This week I've been writing a lot of Python, mainly for uni.

  • I completed my second project for my Intro to Computing course and submitted it
  • I finished off this week's Python worksheets for uni and submitted them
  • Some gentle prep for my exam on Monday
  • Jumped back into Datacamp to do some more data science-focused Python learning

I'm looking forward to having this class finished this coming week, and spending more time on Exist.