Weeknotes: Mar. 06, 22

More active this week! Daily average active minutes 69 up by 10 from last week average 59

Worked out less this week. 4 workouts, down from 6 last week

Listened to more music this week. 206 tracks played, up from 177 last week

Warmer this week. 27º average max. temp this week, up from 26º last week

Lots of UI work in Exist for iOS this week, as we made good progress on adding support for manually tracking attributes with scale (e.g. stress level, energy level) and duration (e.g. time in meetings, study time) types.

Besides work, here's what I got up to:

  • Donated to the Red Cross for those affected by the war in Ukraine and Givit for flood victims in Australia
  • Had my first professional haircut since the pandemic started, and chopped off my chin-length hair so I can grow out my undercut
  • Picked up my Rubik's cube again, after getting stuck while learning CFOP—the last layer has so many algorithms in CFOP that I couldn't learn them all, and kept forgetting the few I'd learned, but I'd forgotten the beginner method for the last layer, so I just didn't cube much for a while. I relearned the beginner method plus a few extra algorithms from my DaYan cube booklet this week and have been cubing a lot now that it's fun again
  • Swapped my Nike Metcons for a pair of Groundies Balance now that I've transitioned to wearing barefoot shoes pretty much full-time apart from my workouts, and I'd noticed running errands in my Metcons after a workout made my feet hurt
  • Continued re-reading Station Eleven (I previously abandoned it about a quarter through, but after watching the TV show I wanted to try the book again)
  • Launched my new site! My first real project after learning Python was to rewrite my website from scratch. I made it with FastAPI, ormar for the ORM, dominate for HTML, and vanilla CSS. I still need to set up an SSL certificate, but I'm excited to have it live!
  • Started trying out the beta of HTTPie's desktop app, since I find Postman really bloated with features I'm not interested in. It seems great so far!