Weeknotes: Mar. 13, 22

Less active this week! Daily average active minutes 53 down by 10 from last week average 63

2 beta releases this week

Worked out more this week. 5 workouts, up from 4 last week

Listened to less music this week. 191 tracks played, down from 221 last week

Cooler this week. 22º average max. temp this week, down from 27º last week

Quiet week with a lot of heads-down time working on Exist.

  • Had an eye test and found my prescription needs a minor change after only 9 months, and I may get a separate pair of reading glasses, as well, though it looks like I'll have to choose a frame from the teenager range this time, because my head is so tiny all the adult frames don't really fit, even after adjustments
  • Shipped some big updates to Exist for iOS beta testers, including support for manually tracking (and creating your own) attributes with duration, percentage, decimal, time of day, and scale types
Exist for iOS screenshot of tracking a scale-type attribute Exist for iOS screenshot of tracking a time of day-type attribute
  • Added an SSL cert to my site! This tutorial was really helpful and easy to follow