Weeknotes: Apr. 03, 22

Less active this week! Daily average active minutes 26 down by 15 from last week average 41

Worked out less this week. 1 workout, down from 7 last week

Listened to less music this week. 79 tracks played, down from 88 last week

Cooler this week. 22º average max. temp this week, down from 24º last week

  • Wow, those workout numbers are much lower. After a few rest days I found it hard to get started again, and the recent dark, cloudy, cooler mornings haven't helped. Though I'm very appreciative that daylight saving time has ended, moving sunrise back an hour, as ~7:40am felt far too late for sunrise.
  • This weekend I did some (outdoor) socialising for the first time in ages. Melbourne's been out of lockdown for a while now, but it still hasn't felt safe to be out and about. I still feel nervous about the risk, but I have to balance the mental health benefits of seeing people, too. Though I feel distinctly exhausted now, and look forward to being a hermit for the next few days, again.
  • I finally had the arms on my glasses frames shortened, which has been delayed for over a year due to lockdowns. My tiny head is so small the arms look comically short now, but they fit much better, so I'm happy. I also got a set of reading glasses for the first time, to help prevent my eyes from overfocusing while reading or working at the computer. I'm still getting used to these, and find it very disorienting to move or look around the room with them on.
  • I've been working on adding more to the Trends tab in Exist for iOS, and I got the main chunk of that done this week. It took longer than I'd hoped or expected, due to a lot of messing around with UIKit and SwiftUI, which don't play particularly nicely with each other. I wanted to save time by reusing UIKit views instead of rewriting them from scratch, but in the end I'm not sure how much time I did save, as I spent the majority of my work time this week debugging layout issues caused by using UIKit views inside SwiftUI. Thank goodness this part is done now.
  • I've been getting lower back pain while working recently, even while sitting on my ergonomic saddle chair, and it's making it very hard to be productive, since I can only manage around 15-20 minutes of work before I start to notice the pain. I've tried a bunch of different postures and locations for working with no real change, so I booked in a physio appointment for next week. Fingers crossed I can get some answers about what's going on, since the saddle chair has served me well for five years or so and I don't know what's changed.
  • We're getting to the pointy end of manual tracking in Exist, with all the fiddly bits and pieces left to do, now. I made some good progress this week on creating a press kit for Exist, taking screenshots, and putting together a help page on the new features. I also made a list of what needs to be done before, during, and after launch. It feels good to be so close to releasing this, as it's one of the biggest changes we've ever made to Exist, and a highly requested one. Business hasn't exactly been booming lately, either, so hopefully shiny new features will turn that around a bit, as well.