Weeknotes: Apr. 10, 22

More active this week! Daily average active minutes 45 up by 18 from last week average 27

Worked out more this week. 3 workouts, up from 2 last week

Listened to more music this week. 80 tracks played, up from 79 last week

Cooler this week. 21º average max. temp this week, down from 23º last week

  • We went to Marysville for a couple of nights this week, just for a change of scenery. It was a really nice break and the weather was great. We walked a lot, got lost a little bit, and saw some really cool scenery. The dense forests were amazing.
  • I finished playing Haven Park on my Switch. It was very similar to A Short Hike, which I loved, but I enjoyed the extra building/crafting aspects of Haven Park. The dialog wasn't nearly as good as A Short Hike, but overall it was a lot of fun. I'm still getting the hang of video games, after a very narrow experience of them as a teenager and many years in-between of not really gaming at all, so I think I went about this one the wrong way. I did all the collecting and crafting and exploring first, since it was the most fun, and then I was confused that I maxed out all my skills and had resources coming out my ears so early in the game, when I had so many quests still to do. Oops.
  • I started playing Yoshi's Crafted World this week, since I wanted more running and jumping but was looking for something a bit cuter than Fenyx Rising, which I'd been playing earlier. Yoshi fit the bill, and I enjoyed the collecting parts of the game, though even on easy mode I have to fight/avoid enemies more than I'd like.
  • I gave up on Pikuniku after many attempts at the final boss battle. I hate boss battles and don't want to waste time on something that's not fun just to say I finished the game, so I quit there. It's a shame this game had so many boss fights in it, because otherwise it was really fun.
  • Watched the final episode of season 1 of Severance which is currently my favourite show. I love how puzzly it is. I hope season 2 comes quickly and is just as good.
  • Had my teeth scanned so I can get my Invisalign aligners made. I won't get them until June, but at least the ball is rolling now.
  • Had a physio appointment about my back pain, where we covered some theory about pain and how it relates to our mental state. I also got some exercises and advice to try throughout the day when sitting hurts my back, and some advice about adjusting my workouts. I'm hopeful but not confident that things will improve.
  • Work-wise I kept plugging away at bug fixes and improvements for Exist, and made a couple of small improvements to my in-progress update for Hello Meds.