Weeknotes: May. 15, 22

Less active this week! Daily average active minutes 30 down by 15 from last week average 45

Worked out less this week. 3 workouts, down from 5 last week

Listened to less music this week. 89 tracks played, down from 116 last week

Warmer this week. 19º average max. temp this week, up from 18º last week

  • I got my flu shot this week, and was lucky to only get a mildly sore arm
  • We did an early vote and celebrated with an outdoor brunch, though we may not get many more of those as winter sets in. I'm glad to have voting out of the way, as it's one less thing to worry about now. Fingers crossed for the lesser of two evils next Saturday
  • I tried playing Skyrim and Witcher 3 on PC to see if I want to play them on Switch in future. After the intro was over, I liked that I could wander around picking flowers in Skyrim (cutting bushes and picking flowers is my favourite activity in Immortals Fenyx Rising) and ignore quests until I was ready for them. In Witcher 3, it felt like the game was pushing me into the story quests more, and pushing me to interact with other characters rather than wander around on my own. I initially thought I wanted a more story-heavy game, but after having a taste of what many people say is a great example of a story-heavy RPG, I decided Witcher 3 probably isn't for me
  • I finally got Animal Crossing this week, but I'm not loving it so far. I've been spoiled by playing Cozy Grove for a few weeks I guess, because Animal Crossing isn't grabbing me yet, but I'm hoping it'll grow on me in time
  • Did a little bit of Linux server stuff this week, which I haven't touched recently since we've been busy with Exist, and it was really nice to get back to web stuff