Weeknotes: Nov. 06, 22

  • Had a lot of stress and worry the past couple of days about a family member being ill. Feeling much better now that I've managed to find out some concrete information about the situation—I think the lack of information and confusion made the whole situation more upsetting and scary.
  • Visited a new bagel shop in our suburb for lunch on Saturday and really enjoyed it.
  • Attempted to cook this chicken parma recipe again, as a treat for Josh. As someone who doesn't normally cook much at all, this recipe is pretty full-on, and it involves frying in a big pot of oil which I find scary and stressful. The first night was a fail, but it turned out better the second night. One of those things I need to do more often so I don't get out of practice in-between.
  • We finished rewatching Please Like Me and enjoyed it all over again. I was surprised how many big plot points I'd forgotten, and how sad the last couple of episodes were.
  • I finally renewed my passport after putting it off for ages. It's a relief to not have this task looming on my to-do list anymore.
  • Covid cases are rising in Melbourne again, so I'll probably have to switch all my socialising to be strictly outside again, after a brief respite where some indoor socialising finally felt safe. I still haven't had Covid, and I'm not keen to get it, but I'm really tired of the extra stress and hassle required to stay safe. I'm lucky to have friends who are amenable to making Covid-safe plans when they see me, but still, I'm pretty tired of being that friend who makes everything complicated.
  • Work-wise it was mostly a week of debugging and working on fixes, but I also drafted a user feedback survey for Exist, which will be the first for a couple of years, and I wrote up a post for our company blog about our progress and stats for October which will hopefully become a monthly habit again.