Weeknotes: November 27, 22

  • I read Mr Salary by Sally Rooney this week. It's a short story, so hadn't been at the top of my list, but was nice to have another small dose of her writing.
  • I'm currently reading Vital Signs by Izzy Lomax-Sawyers and really enjoying it. I thought it would be another collection of anecdotes from a hospital doctor along the lines of Adam Kay's books, and wasn't sure I needed more of the same, but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it right from the start. Izzy is from New Zealand, so there are some interesting Māori words and concepts included that I didn't know, as well as details about how the health system works, and Izzy's hospital in particular. She also talks about what it's like to work with patients, how emergencies are handled, all the specific steps required to scrub in for surgery, and what it's like to break bad news to patients and their families.
  • I finally ordered my Jibun Techo for next year (Japanese planners). After spending a long time deliberating on what to get, I ended up going with the exact same setup as this year (only with different cover colours): a Jibun DAYs mini and a Jibun Lite mini.
  • I enrolled in Linear Algebra for the upcoming summer semester, and Foundations of Algorithms for semester 1 next year. If I can get through both and keep my average mark high enough, I think I'll finally have completed everything I need to be able to apply to start my degree—having not done any maths or science in my last years of high school, and being so old and out of school for so long meant there were a lot of extra hoops to jump through to even apply to start a Bachelor of Science.
  • We had a state election this weekend and thankfully the Liberal party didn't win. I'm not a huge fan of Labor, but they're certainly the better choice of the big two parties. I'm glad to see the Greens pick up at least one new seat, too.
  • I've been enjoying sail away by lovelytheband this week, and I'm looking forward to Tom Cardy's new album launching soon.