Weeknotes: December 3, 22

  • Finished reading Vital Signs and decided I hadn't had enough medical memoir, so I started reading Adam Kay's new book, Undoctored. It's easy to read, but he tries too hard to be funny sometimes. I find the content—especially the medical parts—really interesting on its own, so it feels unnecessary to add mediocre jokes all the time.
  • We finished watching season 14 of Taskmaster this week, and Kongen befaler finished last week. Both were as excellent as ever. We also finished watching the third season of Alone Denmark this week. It's a shame that none of the Scandinavian versions have quite got the right vibe compared to the original, but we still like watching them.
  • We started season 3 of Staged this week, which seems good so far, and we're watching the second season of White Lotus which I'm enjoying a lot.
  • I started playing Toem and I really like it so far. I need to make more time to play it.
  • I've started getting a little more consistent with my workouts, which feels good. A few sunny days without rain this week have helped a lot.
  • I'm on level 10 of WaniKani and sticking with it so far. I've started working through some Japanese grammar resources, but I keep running into vocab I don't know—especially kana-only words, which WaniKani doesn't teach, since it's a Kanji learning tool. I've been trying out different flash card apps for learning these extra vocab words but so far I haven't found anything I'm happy with. I'm really liking the Kanjiverse dictionary app, though.