Weeknotes: December 18, 22

  • We sent out our "annual" user feedback survey for Exist this week. I put "annual" in quotes because while it used to be annual, we haven't done one since 2019. Since we delivered manual tracking earlier this year, which was a huge new feature that took a long time to build, we're interested to get some user feedback about how this feature is working out and what other areas of the product we can improve on. So far, the feedback has been mostly positive, with some really effusive comments that made us feel great about the past 8-ish years of work we've put into Exist. It's a nice way to reflect and get motivated for next year's work, too.
  • We finished watching season 2 of White Lotus this week, which I really enjoyed. I think I liked it as much as season 1. I'm not sure which one I liked more.
  • We also watched a really nice documentary called Mr Bachmann and his class, about a teacher in Germany. He seems like a genuinely nice person who really cares about his students, and the students were fun and interesting to watch, too.
  • We've been playing TOEM on Switch, and I'm really enjoying it. It's got a great balance of short puzzley quests to complete and silly humour that makes us laugh out loud sometimes. The quests are mostly small and simple, with just enough effort to be interesting, which is what I'm after. I have other hobbies that are difficult—games are for having fun and feeling good about completing stuff.