Monthly Review: April 2020

I'm obsessed with

My health. I've been doing telehealth calls with my doctor recently to figure out some bothersome-but-not-serious issues I noticed around the start of lockdown. It's a nice bonus that telehealth calls are all bulk billed, since I've had a few follow ups.

I'm listening to

Folk pop/rock with lots of banjo! I've been trying out Old Bear Mountain, Clouds and Thorns, Hollow Coves, and Bellowhead.

I'm reading

Pandemic by Sonia Shah

I'm watching

Taskmaster (highly recommended if you like British panel shows—the later seasons are better, but it's all fun)

April goals

I missed my March review, so no goals for this month.

May goals

I've had a lot of trouble setting goals recently, because I just can't find anything I care enough about to commit to long-term. I change my mind often and crave novelty, so I rarely have the drive to work towards goals I set in the past.

Knowing this, I'm going to focus May on keeping up with my regular habits. Right now I have the following habits planned:

Every day

  • Work out in some way
  • Burn 2,000+ kJ active energy
  • 30+ active minutes
  • Stretch
  • Update/use my planner
  • Practise some form of music


  • 2+ cardio workouts
  • Practise drawing 2+ times