Monthly Review: December 2018

Last month of the year!

Jez the Samoyed


  • Christmas! I don't really care much for Christmas, but it's a nice excuse for present exchanging and to see some family that don't live nearby.
  • Published my first CocoaPod! I've been working on a Swift framework to wrap the Exist API and make it quicker and easier to work with the API in my various iOS projects. In December I got the first rough version of the framework released and shipped as a pod, which I'd never done before. I found the process of publishing my pod really tricky, and spent ages debugging issue after issue, but I'm glad I stuck it out and got it done.
  • Started working on a Vapor (server-side Swift) project. This may not go anywhere, but it'll be a good learning experience even so.
  • Started publishing monthly reviews again.

Here's a yummy french toast brunch I had, that came with an ice cream cone on top:

Brunch food

And here are some gluten-free vanilla cupcakes I made in December:


December goals

✔️ Publish two blog posts

✔️ Ship a side project update (this can be any public update on any side project)

My first release of my CocoaPod covers this goal.

January goals

  • Publish two blog posts
  • Finish drawabox lesson 2
  • Release one side project update
  • Release the current beta update of Exist for iOS