Monthly Review: June 2020

drawing of Alex

I'm obsessed with

Austin Kleon's blog again. Once or twice every year I go through a phase of reading through his archives and immersing myself in his ideas. I may even re-read his books this time around, too.

I'm listening to

This fun banjo tune.

I'm reading

Murderous Contagion: A Human History of Disease by Mary Dobson (still), while also starting How To Be Alive by Colin Beavan.

I'm watching

The Swedish version of Taskmaster, since we've finished the original (UK) version and the Norwegian version. We also watched Staged, a short series about David Tennant and Michael Sheen attempting to rehearse a play during the coronavirus pandemic, which I really liked.

June goals

  • Release the next Exist for iOS beta

I came close, but didn't quite finish this update in June.

July goals

None, since July is almost over already!