Monthly Review: May 2017

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What went well this month

  • Theatre: Having only seen one show this year so far, I managed to see a play and two musicals in May. I didn't enjoy the play, but My Fair Lady was fun, and Cabaret was even better.
  • Launching Independence, the podcast I'm co-hosting. It's all about being an indie developer and what that takes. My co-hosts, Curtis and Jelly, both have lots of great experiences to share. Expect a new episode every two weeks.

April goals

✖️ Get custom tracking in Exist for iOS ready for beta testers

I knew this was an audacious goal, but it's my main focus re: Exist for iOS at the moment, so I went with it anyway. I did make some really great progress, but I'm not close to beta testing yet. I'm re-setting this goal for May, which is more realistic but will still take a big effort.

May's focus habit

Piano 20 minutes x 5 days/week

I didn't do this 5 days/week consistently, but I did about 3-4 sessions most weeks, and sometimes 5 or 6. I still need to work on being more consistent about practising, especially since learning piano is so hard that I often have to drag myself over to the bench to start playing. But I want to get better, which means I have to put in the time, even if it's hard.

Books and media

Goals for June

  • Get custom tracking in Exist for iOS ready for beta testers

Focus habit for June

Piano, 5 days/week

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