Monthly Review: May 2020

I'm obsessed with

Planners! I've got a Hobonichi Cousin Avec this year, which is split into two books, one for each half of the year. I only have a month to go before it's time to swap them out, so I'm spending lots of time thinking about how I might want to change things up for the second half of the year.

So far this year I've found sticking ephemera into the daily pages of the Hobo Cousin didn't stop it getting too thick to write in, so I'll probably move all of my ephemera into a completely separate journal in future. I've also been running out of room recently in the weekly pages of the Hobo, which is where I use my planner most, but I'm not sure how I want to go about fixing that problem just yet.

I'm listening to

Clouds and Thorns and Bon Jovi's Greatest Hits.

I'm reading

Murderous Contagion: A Human History of Disease by Mary Dobson

I'm watching

We finished all of the (original) UK version of Taskmaster and now we're watching the Norwegian version. I also recently watched Three Girls and found it harrowing but worth a watch.

May goals

In May I tried to focus on keeping up regular habits, rather than focusing on particular goals. Here's what I wanted to do:

Every day

  • Work out in some way
  • Burn 2,000+ kJ active energy
  • 30+ active minutes
  • Stretch
  • Update/use my planner
  • Practise some form of music


  • 2+ cardio workouts
  • Practise drawing 2+ times

I didn't do any of these 100%, but I did start to improve my regularity on most of them, so I'll call that a win.

June goals

Keeping it simple with one goal this month, which is to finish the update I'm currently working on and send it to beta testers.

  • Release the next Exist for iOS beta