Monthly Review: November 2019

November goals

✔️ 2 social events

I actually managed 3 social events. I didn't socialise a huge amount, but just showing up is important for me at this point, and practising socialising in small amounts will hopefully help me slowly become a bit less of a hermit.

✖️ Finish learning current song on the drums

The song I tried to learn was a bit too hard for me to play at tempo, so I didn't complete this. I did manage to learn to play a basic version of Livin on a Prayer by Bon Jovi, which is the first song I've been able to confidently play all the way through. And I'm partway through learning a second song. Simplifying the drums down to one or two basic grooves and really basic fills at the right time has been the trick to being able to play along with songs that are otherwise beyond me at this point (I've only been playing for 3 or 4 months).

✖️ Release current beta of Exist for iOS to the App Store

I've been tweaking some performance stuff in this beta for ages, so it's really dragged out, even though the main new features were sent to beta weeks ago and are ready to be released. I'm almost ready to release this now, but I missed my November deadline.

✔️ Full (elevated) L-sit for 3 seconds

This was a lot easier than I thought, but progressing beyond this point was really hard.

Focus habit for November


December goals

  • 1 social event
  • Finish learning Pennywhistle on drums
  • Squat endurance
  • Complete Larder native Safari extension first version
  • Publish 1+ post on each blog

December focus