Monthly Review: October 2019

October goals

✖️ 1 dead hang chin up

I barely worked on this goal throughout the month. I've learned that I should pick physical goals that feel achievable, because this one felt a bit out-of-reach, and was no fun to work on, so I avoided it.

✖️ Learn to play The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy on drums

I can play through this song roughly, but I still need to work a lot on my timing, particularly during the chorus, which is quite tricky to play. I didn't focus heaps on this song throughout the month, because I got caught up in learning two-handed 16th-note hi-hat grooves, which are really tricky but also lots of fun. I really want my interest in drums to last, so I'm trying to let my interest determine what to work on, more than prescribing specific exercises for myself.

✔️ Release current beta of Exist for iOS to the App Store

✔️ Release a first beta of each of my two current side projects

✖️ Publish 2 blog posts

I published my monthly review but nothing else. I started a couple of different blog posts, but just didn't feel in the mood to finish any.

Focus habit for October

Drums every day

✖️ I hit 19 days out of 30

November goals

  • 2 social events
  • Full L-sit for 3 seconds (elevated)
  • Finish learning the drum song I'm working on
  • Release the next beta of Exist for iOS to the App Store

November focus

None. Leave me alone.