Monthly Review: September 2019


  • Australian Realness. We always make a point to see new plays by Zoey Dawson, since we've loved all her previous works. This one might be our favourite so far. We both thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • Drums! I rented an electronic drum kit to learn on, since buying a kit outright is expensive and I'm not sure if I'll stick with it. So far, so good, though!

September goals

✔️ Publish two blog posts


✔️ Choose a new book to read

✔️ Release Exist for iOS update with new Apple Health syncing

✔️ Send out emails to anyone who might need a stagehand (I'm hoping to do some volunteering on indie theatre shows again)

✔️ Get to 3x10 push-ups (from on 3x8)

Focus habit for September

Practising ukulele

✖️ I hit 15 days out of 30:

Ukulele tag in Exist (

When my drum set arrived I was much more consistent in drums practice, so I'm hoping I can keep that going through October:

Drums tag in Exist (

(Calendars are showing my usage of "ukulele" and "drums" custom tags in Exist)

October goals

  • 1 dead hang chin up
  • Learn to play The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy on drums
  • Release current beta of Exist for iOS to the App Store
  • Release a first beta of each of my two current side projects
  • Publish 2 blog posts

October focus

Drums every day.