2021 review

8 Jan 2022 19:25

2020 review. All annual reviews.

A photo of me on my 33rd birthday

Highlights of 2021


2020 review

8 Jan 2021 19:25

2019 review. All annual reviews.

Highlights of 2020


2019 review

7 Jan 2020 15:45

2018 review. All annual reviews.

(Side note: every year as soon as I publish my annual review, I start a new Markdown file for my review of the next year. Throughout the year I add achievements, details about goals I've accomplished, and favourite media, so getting the review ready to publish is much easier. I definitely recommend this approach!)


2018 review

3 Jan 2019 14:33

The year I turned 30.

Me with birthday balloons

Things I did this year


2017 review

1 Jan 2018


2016. 2015.

To sum up 2017, it's ended on a great note after a lot of struggle earlier in the year. The biggest thing to happen this year was quitting my job to work on Hello Code full-time from October 1st. This is something we've been working towards since we started Hello Code ~4 years ago, and has often felt like a goal we'd never reach. To be able to pay both of us a (very low) salary and put all our time and energy into our own company is a great achievement. I'm proud of all the hard work we've put in up until now, and our tenacity to stick it out for years until we got to this point. We're building our company in the way we want to, which often means it's a slower road than it would be if we took another approach, but the final product is something we're proud of and happy to work on.


2016 in review

1 Jan 2017

Eggs and lavender

Following on from my 2015 review, here's a round-up of what I did this year, what I read and watched, and my goals for 2017.

Things I did in 2016


2015 in review

12 Jan 2016

I've already written about my must-have apps from 2015, but I didn't spend all my time playing with apps. When I read Josh's review of 2015, I really liked the format, and decided I would also like to write up what I got done throughout the year, my goals for 2016, and some of my favourite non-app products and art from 2015.